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Business Development Services

After actively supporting academic administration, research, and teaching for a decade, The unLibrarian is now available for hire. She has the ability to easily transfer knowledge from one domain to another, offers a brand new perspective on your business while assisting you in developing your ideas through records management and research support.

After working in public, government, and academic environments, I wish to provide librarian services for a fee. Depending on the job description of a particular librarian, they may be able to help you with your question only so far. This is where I enter into the picture: for those in-depth projects that require a high level of expertise, credibility, and confidentiality. 

Businesses run at a very fast pace. Small business and entrepreneurs need to be able to keep up in the information age. My expertise is information society. Be it revamping your records management system to reflect a cohesive and tidy company culture. Be it to do market research for a project that you very much wish to work in your favour. I am here to be your secret weapon.

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