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Role in Local Economy

I have lived in the borderlands between poverty and middle class, Anglophone and Francophone, normal and hard of hearing and blind in right eye, sick and high functioning, and more. I have learned to naturally navigate complex systems regardless of barriers present. I am was born and raised in the woods, save for trips to the hospital, and have found my way to urban society. I wish to help others, maybe even remind them, of the amazing people that they are and for them to gain the necessary information resources and skills necessary to achieve their dreams.


People living with impairments are under-recognized and subject to barriers one could not conceive through imagination alone. The reality is like living between a rock and a hard place; health versus making money. I deny this myth and wish to help everyone own their skillset and maximize their value. I can even guide organizations to better englobe their staff, to be inclusive regardless diversities and determinations.

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