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The unLibrarian as an Entrepreneur

My name is Amanda Rose Horsman. I have been gainfully employed since Grade 6 selling stationary and doing various craft-based jobs. I excelled in customer service in retail and call centres for a decade before obtaining positions in archives, museums and libraries. I look forward to seeing where I shall go next. What you are reading is my starting point to my next journey.


I work very diligently to produce results of a high standard as evidenced by being honoured on the Dean's list upon graduating from Saint Mary's University as a transfer student from McMaster University. I hold a Masters of Library and Information Studies and completed my doctoral coursework with a 4.0 GPA in Interdisciplinary Studies. In between diploma studies I attend webinars, workshops, conferences, read an incredible amount, and talk with experts to further develop my knowledge base. For example, in 2013 I passed the New Brunswick real estate exam with an 86.5% to help my Dad develop a business idea. I have a wealth of knowledge in various industries, academics and business. 

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I am skilled at delivering presentations and constructive feedback. In previous roles as a library director and an employee development coordinator, I honed my interpersonal and human & resources management skills. As a francophone academic medical librarian for the last ten years, I have provided information coaching to support executives, staff, faculty, and students in their various projects. During my retail years, I was often asked to train fellow employees. I was employee of the month many times over at Blockbuster Video and have handled thousands of high-turnaround information requests consistently resulting in return business and solid word-of-mouth referrals. I have the natural ability to teach others skills. 

On the financial side of my skills, I have worked in commission based sales in call centres and retail, managed constrained budgets in libraries, and have successfully kept my own household afloat in difficult times as a result of strategic planning and investing. On a broader skills scale, financial management fits as a part of my project management skillset. This skillset includes: time management, communication strategies, performance evaluation, and sustainability planning. I am after all, a master of information. 

I am a bilingual Anglophone woman with a prosthetic right eye and 80% hearing loss in my left ear as well as fibromyalgia (chronic pain and fatigue). Disability has taught me to be humble and resourceful. I always wish to learn better ways to improve my quality of life. Thus, I welcome open and honest conversations about accommodations. 

My passion to help others has only grown since these events. I see the world as it is, in all aspects, with a constructivist viewpoint. My wish is to guide people in their own self-development and improve society along the way. 


Have a wonderful day!

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