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Bibliotherapy and Reference Services

Have a really quick question but put off getting into it as worry that it would take you too much time to find the information? Now you have the option to hire a professionally trained librarian find the answers for you. She provides you a succinct report of what was found with an outline of sources and useful links*. 



  • … have a question about population statistics. Using statistics Canada, white papers, and other public information, I will find what you need.

  • … about to make a big purchase and want to make sure it is worth the investment. I will go through reviews and commentaries for you to give you a fair assessment and maybe a suggestion or two. 

  • … are struggling with finding information to help you with parenting and know there are resources for your particular question but no idea where to begin. I will find the resources for you to access.

  • … are buying a house and have a by-law question that you don’t mind being unofficially informed off before going the official routes. I will track down the information for you.


This information is no substitute for professional expertise in the particular domains. I encourage you to use these resources to bridge communication between yourself and the experts.

You will have access to contact via your preferred communication methods. Options include: text, messenger, zoom, Skype, or The UnLibrarian chat. Premiums will be charged for phone based questions.

You see, I am passionate about references, referencing, and, most importantly, reference interviews: 

References are all the files that we consult on a day-to-day basis: books and websites that we consult when faced with career decisions.

I love referencing amazing resources to encourage someone that helps them grow. 

My speciality is the reference interview: identifying your information needs. My delivery is a list of recommendations and references to aid you on your information journey.

*Full bibliographic lists are available for an additional fee, depending on autobiographical style. 

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