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Property Information Services

Hunters, Fishermen, New Property Owners

I have access to the information you need!

The unLibrarian grew up driving around with her Mom and Dad all around New Brunswick back roads where she developed an interest in land and property that has followed her throughout her career.


In library school, she studied government and agricultural information resources, even spent a summer as a federal student librarian at an Environment Canada library. She continued her interest in turf by translating documents, thus developing a bilingual glossary and repertoire around accreditation and turf management.

On the property side, she regularly assisted with reading maps, property files and learning GIS systems in various jobs. Plus in 2013 she briefly worked in Real Estate where she used the MLS and PLANET systems to assist buyers and sellers alike.


Now, she brings all that knowledge to the open market for land inquirers, hunters, land owners, surveyors, and realtors alike. 

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