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Disability Advisory Services

After working solid for the last 20 years (yes, I have been working since I was 15), I have a lot to share with the world to make working and living with disabilities a much better experience, more inclusive and better supportive of diversity. In addition to a lot of life experience, I am also very well educated in rural sociology, deviance, librarianship, health research, and much more.

I have services for individual people wanting to talk out their situation and find adaptive solutions.

I have services for parents to better understand their neurodiverse family and children (I even hold a clean criminal background check and vulnerable sector check for added peace of mind for my clients).

I have services for businesses and content developers to make their materials more accessible - I can tell you its often way simpler and cheaper than most organizations think.

I am here to help as The unLibrarian. It started with MySillyWinks Projects, on a subsite of my business: I am in the process of bringing this information all under one website, but this will do for now as I continue building.

Advocacy Services