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Skills in Your Stars

I have completed numerous skills inventories (MBTI,, Parachute Colour, Government of Canada Skills Bank, various quizzes, and more). I have come to one conclusion: they’re just as informative as personalized astrology readings. Certainly, all information compliments one another. However, I feel that there is a missed opportunity to blend metaphysical perspective of skills gleamed using tarot, numerology, and astrology in order to assist in identifying one’s skills. I’ve used this philosophy all of my life with positive results.


I ask you to provide me with:

  • Your resume or curriculum vitae

  • Birthdate & Time Zone

Thereafter, I will analyze data to create initial profile for our reference interview where I will ask you questions and tell you what I have gleamed from the information you shared with me.

No worries about keeping track of the meeting, it will be recorded and shared with you after along with a final report.

If you are interested in this service, I ask you to please e-mail me at

Have a lovely day!