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What are my Silly Winks?

Silly Winks are my little stories I encounter along the way in my journey. I have been writing silently on the internet for many years. I have my stories and have been documenting them, quietly. It is now time for me to share my knowledge and experience to help others achieve great things. In doing this work, I will achieve a great life for myself and my family.

Why Silly Winks? It actually came about because I have troubles blinking my eyes. Also, the game I remember briefly as a kid. I also made it my goal when I was working in customer service to make every person I dealt with smile by the end of our interaction. I had to develop a really neat sense of humour to handle the odd questions, the stares, and other behaviours that most people would rather not discuss. Thus, I developed my silly winks; collections of healthy outlets. My first one was Thought Sketches. Upon developing further chronic health issues and understanding my lifelong conditions, I started writing My Silly Winks from a health perspective in Fibro Sketches my health is indeed my toughest customer.

Now I have a sister website to compliment The unLibrarian in my passions through

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