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Extraprovincial Agent for Service

(aka Attorney for Service, Limited Partnership Power of Attorney)

Amanda Rose Horsman is an Agent for Service in the Province of New Brunswick to represent extra-provincial companies as a local, resident point of contact. As an Agent of Service, it is my duty to notify the extra-provincial company of any mail sent out by local government and to serve as a point of contact for local correspondence.

Mail is sent to a PO box at my local post office, under my business account, where it is secure. The person who consents to act as Agent for Service is authorized to accept, on behalf of the business, service of process and any notices required to be served on the corporation in New Brunswick. I can digitize mail that is received on behalf of your company. Audio dictation of the mail is an added option. After digitization or dictation of the physical copies, I will confirm whether you would like each item mailed independently or bulk mail all physical correspondence annually. Mail expected to be received as an Agent for Service includes correspondence for your annual filing. As the Agent for Service, I also may be called upon to respond on your behalf, therefore I will need the best method of contact to ensure rapid responses (phone, email, or rapid service mail).

According to the government directives, even if you do not receive correspondence from the Government of New Brunswick, you are expected to file an annual report through the necessary channels with Corporate Registry regardless. Accordingly, I will alert you if at any point my business ceases to exist as so you can locate a new Agent for Service in due time of 60 days’ notice. Additionally, if I am to be away from my mailing point for more than a week at a time, I will alert you of any such events.

I strive to ensure that my record keeping meet FINTRAC-level standard ( - see verification by photo id and verification of a corporation). So, several documents are required to be hired as an Agent for Service for your company:

  • Copies of the official documents with your business name and registration and business address and name of business owner

  • a utility (cell phone or power) or financial statement with business address for mailing location verification from the last 60 days.

  • Contact information including phone (text option), email and mailing address. Preference required.

  • I will also require an image of the business owner’s driver’s license in conjunction with a video call to verify the business owner’s identity.

  • a New Brunswick NUANS Reservation report from the last 60 days - if you do not have one, one can be completed for $60

  • the required documentation to file with the province


The fee for this service is $290 annually plus tax (2021) then you will have the option to pay a monthly subscription service at $25 a month (2021) plus tax to cover the following year, therefore locking in your rate. Otherwise, you may be subject to higher fees at time of payment. Full fee must always be paid up 60 days before the business anniversary date of each year to ensure filing is kept and to reduce chances of outstanding invoices. There is a flat rate fee of $290 (2021) for termination paperwork upon company initiation (subscription paid will be counted against fee). Please be aware that there will be additional fees to pay to the Province of New Brunswick for initial and continuous filings. Fees will be updated annually to cover inflated costs - contact for more information and use the fees here as a benchmark cost for budgeting purpsoes.

I fully encourage you to contact the government departments directly with your questions regarding procedures, fees, and documentation questions. If you do require my assistance above and beyond this service, that can be discussed and addressed separately from this service, graciously.

Any questions or requests for Amanda Rose Horsman as an Agent for Service can be sent to or initiated by phone at 506-380-2411. I am physically located in Havelock, New Brunswick, Canada.

Amanda Rose Horsman, The unLibrarian

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