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Academic Development Services

I am a skilled medical librarian who has been a part of systematic reviews, concept analysis papers, and have supported hundreds of research projects.

As part of my service, I review articles for publication as a technical or developmental editor. It could also be be by rounding out your research with a solid background. The unLibrarian is for hire.

Authorship to be discussed, especially if heavily involved in a significant portion of the project.


I love teaching people little tricks that make a world of a difference in everyday research. I am also well versed in the ethical aspects of research with TCPS Core II certification.

I am currently in the process of developing online courses complete with certificates on living with disabilities. I also invite you to contact me for independent disability advisory sessions as to cater to your specific information needs.

Have a wonderful day!

Ethical Human Research

Health Advocacy 

Literacy Instruction


Research Services 

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