Welcome to The unLibrarian's website!

In the menu you can peruse my credentials to give you an idea of the breadth of knowledge and experience that I bring to every day life. One of the ways in which I have decided to generate earnings is to provide reference services to any serious person who seeks the assistance of an interdisciplinarian.

My most popular services are NUANS Business Name Reservations and Property Information Requests followed by entrepreneurial consultations.

All services are equally available in French - that said, it will take some time for me to translate my website materials to reflect my French skills. Verbally, je suis toujours prête!


As a trained librarian with exposure to a variety of settings and disciplines, I do not work within one single discipline, instead I bring aspects of other disciplines to yours in each reference consult. Indeed I feel that  offer teachings that can improve many lives. I maintain several social media accounts to write and talk about my experiences in hopes of helping others.

Finally, Contact Me! I love working with individuals and groups.

Have a wonderful day,

Amanda, The UnLibrarian


This website is a work in progress, so there may be oddities at this time.